Some Creative LED Lights That Can Brighten Up Your Home

Some Creative LED Lights That Can Brighten Up Your Home
LED lights are quickly replacing fluorescent tubes and CFL lamps as more durable and energy-efficient sources of illumination. More and more homeowners in UK have started to adopt these eco-friendly (they contain no mercury or any other toxic substance) lighting options for brightening up their abodes. And the market has now got them in more variants than it used to.

Have a look at the different LED lights that you can choose from to illuminate your interiors:

LED Corn Lights


LED corn lights are named so because they are shaped like the ears of corn. In them, individual diodes are embedded around the cob. The number of lights used can range from 80 to even 108, according to the style and size of the bulb. Corn lights are sold by plenty of LED light manufacturers in Red Deer.

LED Panel Lights


These are quite commonly used in homes as well as offices. Their additional covering makes them highly resistant to moisture, which is why they are often installed in kitchens and bathroom spaces. Sheets for LED lighting panels are also separately available in the market and they can be printed with intriguing graphics to achieve a fantastic aesthetic appeal.

Puck Lights


Puck lights featuring LED lamps are an ideal alternative for xenon puck fixtures that give off too much heat. They are suitable for places like underneath & inside of cabinets, niches and bookshelves. These fixtures produce visually appealing areas of darkness and brightness.

Colour-Changing LEDs

Colour-Changing LEDs

Colour-changing LEDs are designed to be regulated with a remote control, which is used for altering the hues of the illumination. There are variants that can be programmed for transitioning gradually from cool to warm tones, syncing with music, fading in and out or even flashing. They also come with timers to enable colour shifts throughout day and night.

Rope Lights

Rope Lights

LED rope lights are usually suited for outdoor applications as they come enveloped in tough plastic tubing. They can be installed near in patios, stairways, landscape edging, walkways and railings. The chips contained in them usually have a diameter of ½ or 1 inch. They generally tend to produce a blue illumination.

Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are rather new in the market and they can be controlled from a tablet, smartphone or even WiFi network. Some products even allow for manual brightness and colour adjustments as well as various effects.

Thus, these are the different LED lights that you can install in your home.

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