How To Increase The Life Of A Split AC?

How To Increase The Life Of A Split AC?The most important thing to do while buying a split AC is to understand how to use the product smartly, and whether or not it would perform well in tough situations. People generally use their air conditioning systems during the summer season, so it is vital to maintain the appliance properly for avoiding any type of disturbance or system failure. According to experts providing AC maintenance services in UAE, there are certain smart and quick maintenance tips that can help in increasing the life of an AC to some extent –

1. Air Conditioner Filter – One of the most essential parts of an air conditioner system is the filter. The filter must be changed and replaced at least once in every one or two months, depending upon its usage. Failing to do so can fill the appliance with pollutants and dirt. Besides that, dirty AC filters can increase maintenance and repair costs.

2. Evaporator Coil – When air flows through an AC, an evaporator coil removes heat from it in order to spread cool air all throughout a space. Thus, in order to improve air circulation and air flow inside a home, it is suggested to replace the old coil whenever required.

3. Refrigerant – Whether it’s a split air conditioner or a window unit, each one uses a refrigerant which helps to absorb excess heat and provide cool soothing air inside the home. But sometimes, the refrigerant can leak due to over usage. Thus, it is suggested to appoint a professional AC repairing company or contractor for having a thorough check up of the appliance done after it has been used for a long period of time.

4. Air Compressor – Another important part of an air conditioner system is its air compressor. It compresses the low pressure and low volume gas for transforming them into the high temperature & high pressure required by the AC. It maintains a low boiling point by removing vapour from the evaporator as well. Thus, it is important to clean the compressor on a regular basis for enjoying refreshingly cool air.

5. Air Ducts – An air conditioning system includes air ducts which are spread throughout a house for keeping all areas fresh, cool and cozy. It is vital to clean the air ducts periodically in order to ensure a pleasant temperature in the house.

The smooth and hassle-free functioning of any product depends entirely on its proper and regular maintenance. So if you really want to increase the life of your split air conditioner, then following all the aforementioned tips is a must for you.

One thought on “How To Increase The Life Of A Split AC?

  1. Have you ever had to “split and clean” the coils on the compressor of a split unit? Not fun. Not fun at all. Split ACs take regular maintenance to keep them working well.


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